Our Bill Toolkit

Blip offers all the features you need for a best-in-class bill management experience.

Bill Identification

Automatically identify and display your users’ bills and liabilities with minimal manual entry.

Frictionless Onboarding

Users easily enroll in just a few taps and are instantly shown the current bills and liabilities we’ve retrieved in the background – no manual biller entry required.

Comprehensive Bill Data

Our ML engine identifies recurring bills from transaction data, paired with credit report data retrieved from the bureaus.

Holistic Financial Picture

Become the one-stop shop for your users’ bills by giving them an aggregated view of all their financial obligations within your app.

Bill Identification

Card Switch

Enable users to seamlessly switch their card on file at merchants from within your application.

Streamlined Experience

Users can save time by saving their card on file at billers automatically from within your app without re-entering their card info.

Increase Interchange

Grow your revenue by giving your users an easy way to switch their monthly bills onto your issued debit or credit card.

Reliability & Security

Our solution safely passes the card credentials to the biller, ensuring your users' data is always secure.

Card Switch

Bill Payment

Facilitate payments so users can directly pay recurring obligations using your account.

Expanded Payment Options

Users can pay any debts beyond card-eligible bills, such as utilities, student loans, and mortgages, through ACH, RTP, or check.

Complete Coverage

Connect directly with thousands of billers in our network, and let users pay anyone with the recipient's banking information.

Boost Engagement

Enabling bill pay for your users will bring more activity to your app and help you become their primary financial hub.

Bill Payment

Coming Soon

Present relevant recommendations to improve your users’ financial wellness.

Actionable Insights

Users are presented contextual insights and tips, such as “this bill has been paid late three times, consider switching to autopay.”

Targeted Offerings

Provides a channel to cross-sell applicable products, such as better loan terms, at the time and place users are thinking about their bills.

Deeper Relationships

Build loyalty with your customers by presenting insights and suggestions about their bills to help them better manage their money.

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